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Amy Baxter

Property Manager


Amy Jane-Baxter says poor management of an asset compromises the viability of your entire investment.

“Property managers are wealth managers, which means they’re also risk managers,” Amy says.

“It’s our job to educate our landlords about how they can maximise profit, while reducing their risks,” she says.

“You need to understand each client’s long-term financial strategy for their investment, including tax depreciation schedules, mortgage brokers, as well as monitoring the market to ensure the rent being set is appropriate for the property.”

“An empty property is a loss-making property.”

Amy has more than 10 years in senior property management in the norther corridor across several suburbs, which translates to an intimate knowledge of market trends.

“My clients put their money and their future prosperity in my hands,” she says.

“They expect results and they expect a level of service that ensures their investment continues to grow and flourish.”

Amy says finding good tenants is only half of the battle.

“The other half is keeping them, particularly in the current market,” she says.

“You need systems that work, systems that control the appointment of tenants, the swift sourcing of new tenants when a lease expires, and prompt responses to repair requests and general enquiries.”

“Tenants and landlords just want good service, which comes from good communication.”

“Keep talking to people all the time, which is the quickest way to resolve any issue.”